Changes Affecting the 2020-2021 OHRV and Snowmobile Seasons Coming in May


Concord, NH – Important changes will soon take effect that all off-highway recreational vehicle (OHRV)groomer2 285x150 and snowmobile enthusiasts need to know about. While official regulations will be published in the 2020-2021 OHRV and Snowmobile Digest later this year, OHRV and snowmobile operators should be aware that:

  • The 14-month registration period has been eliminated and the registration year will change to May 1-April 30. 2019-2020 registrations will remain valid until June 30, 2020.
  • Effective May 1, for a snowmobile to qualify as an antique, the machine must have been manufactured in or before the year1994.
  • All registration fees will increase by $1, which will go to the registration agent.
  • All snowmobile registration fees will increase by an additional $32.

Why the Increase?
These fee changes were proposed by the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association (NHSA) and passed by the New Hampshire State Legislature. Questions or comments should be directed to the NHSA by calling (603) 273-0220.

The majority of this fee increase will be directly allocated to Granite State snowmobile clubs for trail maintenance and new projects, completed through the NH Bureau of Trails Grant-in-Aid Program.

For more information on OHRV and snowmobile regulations, safety, and operation visit https:/

Jamie Hollins: (603) 271-4300
Captain Michael Eastman: (603) 271-3129

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