Update 3/14/17

UPDATE: 3/14/2017 (Tuesday)

OUR TRAILS ARE CLOSED!!! We have reached out to the Bureau of Trails and have not received permission to re-open them. 


Update 2/11/17

UPDATE: 2/11/2017 (Saturday):

Groomers went out last night, did the entire rail bed from Keene to Jaffrey. They also did Annette State Park out to Woodbound.


Groomers Still Idle

UPDATE Sept. 4, 2016: Here we will post any grooming news that comes up. Keep in mind we are an all volunteer club and sometimes our punctuality with posting our grooming updates is less than stellar. We're sorry about that. We will be working on that this year and hope it will be better.


Currently we are not grooming due to lack of snow. We will be all over it when there is enough snow to groom. We'll keep you posted. Need at least 8" on the ground after Dec. 15th.