Trails Opening for 2020/2021 Season

Hello All,


As we are sure you are all aware…. Snow is here! A good amount too. Right now, 12/17/20, we are out opening our gates. use EXTREME CAUTION until you are certain the gates have been opened. As conditions allow we will be out with the groomers. We have had work parties out to clear the trails but there may be trails that we did not get to. Please keep this in mind. There may be obstructions so drive cautiously.


Without a base, there may be some spots resembling early season conditions throughout our system! We recommend staying off any bodies of water at this time as ice thicknesses are too thin at best! Be careful…. Use your heads.


Any water bars that do show up will be filled as conditions permit. Just be aware they may be out there. Let’s hope for the cold to hang around so we can get all of our trails in great shape. Groomers will be on the trails so be aware at all times!


Remember: Stay on the trails or stay home!


Any issues can be reported to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you,

Steve Kottke

President, Monadnock Sno-Moles

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